Toccata & fuga

My life in a nutshell


Konga Dely

Budapest, 1973
This second title I earned back in Hungary in the early seventies. I was the first and only conga drummer in Central Europe at the time and in the momentous upsurge of progressive rock and jazz in my old country suddenly everybody wanted a conga drummer on their team! I played and recorded and toured Europe with all the top musicians in every conceivable genre and situation.
At the same time I followed my other calling too, the one I got my degree for: languages and literature. Among critics and readers I became one of the best translators of world literature from Spanish and English into Hungarian. In 1977, at the peak of success and popularity in both careers, I decided to take the “Big Leap”, to defect – not to the West as everybody else, but to the South, back to my beloved Caribbean.


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