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Passing on the legacy

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, 2003
In 1997 I began a series of travel teaching trips on projects of cultural ecology and community empowerment designed and sponsored by the Bahá’í International Community. This gave me the wonderful opportunity to give back something of what I had been given with so much love and wisdom in Cuba more than thirty years ago by descendants of African slaves, to the youth of these same cultures in West Africa and the Circumcaribbean, adding to it the contemporary spirituality and new global vision of the Bahá’í Faith. As the liner notes of our new CD Talisman state: “Millero Congo wants to express our deepest thanks to our friends in the villages of Northern Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Guadeloupe, Suriname, Venezuela and Brazil for having preserved and shared with us their African sacred drumming traditions, their dignity, loving hearts, easy smiles and unshakeable faith in the oneness of the human family, despite 500 years of slavery, rejection and discrimination.”

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