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2004, 2005, 2006

In 2003 my past caught up with me in remote Caribbean Cartagena. A TV team for the very popular Frei Tamás show came to visit us, bringing my dear old buddy, all-time Hungarian pop icon Presser Gábor (Lokomotiv GT) with them, to film our reunion after thirty years. In the wake of the repeated showings in prime time of that feature movie my other buddies from the seventies, who are now firmly in charge of the Hungarian pop-rock-jazz music scene, as well as my younger admirers, have invited me for the third time in a row to big summer festival events in Hungary: the MOL Budapest Jazz Festival in 2004, the Kapolcs Müvészetek Völgye festival in 2005 and now the Sziget Festival 06 (this time, finally, with my wife, singer/songwriter Leonor). Much has changed in the old country, mostly for the better. Still, my visits there have confirmed two things for me: my home is definitely this steaming magical melting pot of races and cultures that is the Caribbean, and Hungary is a great place for my kids to live and work at this point in their careers. David moved there with his singer/dancer wife Claudia in 2001 and was joined by Shangó last year. They have created the new generation offshoot of our Millero Congo band under the name of Tumba y Quema and are reaping ever greater success and recognition in their new country - Europe. (view slide show)

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