My music

I have been many things in many places in life, but never a salesman, I regret to say. So I’m not selling my music here, just showing you shortish sound clips gleaned from a period of 30 years.
Until recently I also lived up to my self-coined slogan: I remember nothing but the future. So much of the past is lost, to me at least. From old friends in the old country I was able to rescue some interesting relics from that legendary period of the early seventies when rock and jazz music was born in Hungary as a thrilling antidote to the drabness of life under communism, the only tolerated form of dissent.
In those early days I mostly worked my Cuban drums alone (I quickly trained my brother Laci so as not to feel so lonely) as guest musician with all the best rock, jazz, and protest song groups then thriving in Hungary. From among those giants of Hungarian music history I remember best (for having worked with closest and longest): Presser Gábor’s Lokomotiv GT, the Köszegi Rhythm & Brass jazz group and Szakcsi Lakatos Béla’s Rákfogó.
In Colombia I raised and trained a whole family to carry on together the Millero Congo (Congo seedbed) mission in percussive tribalglobal music: my wife Leonor (lead vocals and songwriter), and our sons David and Shangó. That took some time, which explains the gap of “recording silence” between 1977 and 1995. All our musical production from this second period has been a collective family job. And it’s barely beginning… I still remember nothing but the future.

HUNGARY 1973 - 1977

1. Testvér (Berki Tamás)
2. Az esö és én (Lokomotiv GT)
3. Ezüst nyár (Lokomotiv GT)
4. Mindenki (Lokomotiv GT)
5. Segits elaludni (Lokomotiv GT)
6. Senki gyermekei (Lokomotiv GT)
7. Ringasd el magad (Lokomotiv GT)
8. Maradj még (Kovács Kati)
9. Szólj rám (Kovács Kati)
10. Koordináták (Fonográf)
11. Afrikai utca (Köszegi együttes)
12. Olajváros (Rákfogó)
13. Bebop sirály (Orszáczky Miklós)
14. Deodato (Deseö Csaba)


1. Yuka-e (Millero Congo)
2. Cumbia Cienagüera (Millero Congo)
3. El Negro (Millero Congo)
4. Conga Chandé (Millero Congo)
5. Bachson (Istvan & Shangó Dely)
6. Bachbatá (Istvan & Shangó Dely)
(Insignia Records 2001):
7. Amame
8. Posee un corazón
9. Escribe con la tinta
10. Pon tu mano
(Insignia Records 2004)
11. Kawina Unity
12. CelebRara
13. Oye Oye
14. Invocation